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VOM Organic 560g


This product is made in Norway from great quality meat. It's based on raw materials from chicken (meat cuttings, hide and bones), mixed innards, beef tripe and meat cuttings from pork and beef.

Rumen and dog food Organic chicken meatballs 560 grams.
The product is well suited as a supplementary feed together with dry feed or as an ingredient in its own composed raw feed. This means that the animal raw materials are mixed with vitamins and minerals to meet the dog's daily needs. The series uses only Norwegian raw materials and approved Norwegian slaughterhouses.
The feed is not flavored or colored. It is not heat treated, does not contain preservatives and is not fortified with water.
The Organic series consists of plus products from organic chicken. Nothing else is added. The supplier of organic raw materials from turkey is Stange in Tønsberg. Organic chicken contains 100% organic chicken

Nutritional content:

Protein 18%

Fat 19%

Carbohydrates 0%

Dry matter 40%

Ash 4%

Calcium 1%

Phosphorus 1%

VOM Organic 560g