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T.Forrest Cow Hooves



Our dried hooves may look strange to us but trust us your dog won't care. 100% natural, made from British cow hooves and provide a long-lasting treat for your dog.

Dried hooves are a perfect alternative to many of the processed treats you come across, they provide a number of health and nutritional benefits. Your dog will love you for it!

100% NATURAL - Nothing added, nothing removed. Free from any artificial preservatives or colourants resulting in a completely natural treat.

PREMIUM INGREDIENTS - We hand select every ingredient that goes into our natural dog treats and we only use traceable sources. 

MADE IN THE UK - All our products are lovingly produced at our family premises in Lancashire.

SLOWLY AIR DRIED - We patiently air-dried all our treats, therefore locking in all the flavours, goodness and nutrients and it increases their chewiness. Resulting in a long-lasting treat. 

CLEAN AND LOW IN ODOUR - Don’t worry there’s no need to open windows or hold your nose, you can breathe easy. 

GRAIN AND GLUTEN FREE - Even if your dog is gluten sensitive, they will not miss out. They can still enjoy our dried hooves. 

RAW FEEDER - No problem, these are basically cow hoof that has been slowly air-dried so they can be stored for up to 18 months.

T.Forrest Cow Hooves