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Jack Wolf

Primal Instinct Lamb 500g (No Veg)


There is a limit of 15 on all Jack Wolf products anymore ordered will be refunded. Sorry for any inconvenience 


This firm recipe is really popular with dogs that prefer more bite in their foods. Also a good option for dogs with allergies, sensitive tummies, yeast overgrowth or simply those that prefer to feed a meat-only diet/will not eat veg.

Single protein source, it is the best choice for those trying an elimination diet. This delicious complete recipe avoids all common allergens like Chicken, Veg and Salmon oil.. It has been made with great care using only 100% British human-grade Lamb.

Available in 500g tubs

Free from grain, fillers and low-quality ingredients

Simply defrost and store in the fridge, then feed within 3-4 days

Composition: British Lamb (with bone, Liver 5% and Kidney 5%) 100%

Nutritional Analysis: Moisture 58.4%, Crude Protein 16.5%, Crude Oil & Fat 20.10%, Inorganic Matter 4.3%, Calcium 1.50%, Phosphorus 0.89%, Crude Fibre 0.2%, Sodium 0.16%

Primal Instinct Lamb 500g (No Veg)