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Vince the Vet

Vince the Vet Turkey with Lamb Offal


Raw Turkey with Lamb Offal: 

Vince the Vet® Raw aims to ensure that every mouthful of food is as nutritious and as life-enhancing as possible, which is why it is made using only lean meat, nutrient dense offal and a biologically appropriate level of bone.

This provides the perfect foundation for supplying dogs of all ages, activities and states of health, the nourishment necessary to meet all nutritional needs and maximise health.

Key Benefits:

  • highly nutritious
  • premium quality ingredients
  • lean turkey meat, bone and lamb offal (from the UK)
  • DEFRA approved
  • only high quality lean meat, bone and offal used for the greatest impact on health
  • no tripe to lower nutritional value and make the food harder to digest
  • no vegetables or fruits to eliminate the pesticide residues many of these contain, and the sugar that fuels yeast overgrowths



Minced turkey carcass, extra turkey meat, lamb offal 20% (heart 10%, liver and kidney 10%).



Vince the Vet Turkey with Lamb Offal