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Mekuti Balance Harness- Harness Only





Benefits of using a Mekuti Balance Dog Harness 
  • Prevent and stop your dog pulling on the lead without using force.

  • Gently improve control, speed and direction.

  • Reduce reactivity towards other dogs and traffic etc.

  • Improves posture which can reduce back and shoulder problems in both the dog and the handler!

Made in Great Britain
  • Fully adjustable to make the perfect fit for any type or size of dog. It is comfortable for the dog and secure.

  • Recommended by trainers to assist with general training and to stop pulling. The system does not replace your trainer — it helps them help you to train your dog.

  • Promotes even muscle development which can help with a dog's recovery from injury or hip dysplasia.



Available in Black, Red or Royal Blue 

Harness only












Extra Large


Mekuti Balance Harness- Harness Only