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The RAW Vet

The RAW Vet Kidney Support 500g


Kidney Support


This recipe has been specifically formulated to meet existing veterinary nutritional clinical guidelines for early stage (IRIS stage 1-2) Kidney Failure in Dogs.


Phosphorus is reduced to <0.5%DM. Protein level is moderated to <70g/1000kcal to reduce nausea and support kidney disease, whilst still providing sufficient protein to prevent muscle wastage in pets that are still relatively well/active.


Sodium is lowered to <0.2%DM and Omega 3 is provided at veterinary recommended levels for Kidney Failure (>0.5%DM). We have included additional antioxidants (Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Natural antioxidants in fresh vegetables, Hawthorne and Spirulina) and have ensured that B vitamin levels are increased to replace the B vitamins lost in urine in kidney diseaes, and to support a healthy appetite.

Ingredients: Beef 61% (Muscle meat, Heart, Kidney, Liver, Spleen), Organic Cooked Pearl Barley 16%, Fresh Vegetables 17% (Cooked Sweet Potato, Carrot, Red Cabbage, Broccoli), Wheatgerm, Crushed Eggshell, Wild Salmon Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Kelp, Hawthorne, Spirulina. Nutritional Additives per Kg as fed: Taurine 330mg, Vitamin B1 8.2mg, Vitamin B2 16.2mg, Vitamin B5 16.2mg, Zinc Picolinate 130mg (Zn 26mg), Magnesium Citrate 570mg (Mg 50mg), Natural Vitamin E 592IU.


Analysis: Moisture 68%, Protein 12.8%, Fat 10.7%, Fibre 1%, Ash 0.8%



(We may request further information from you when you order this product to make sure that it is appropriate for your dog. We are happy to discuss you dog's requirements by email or over the phone, but if you are unsure whether this diet is suitable for your dog, your own veterinarian is the best source of advice)

The RAW Vet Kidney Support 500g