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Dr Mercola

Dr Mercola Whole Food Digestive Probiotic 102g


This “all-in-one” nutritional supplement contains four key blends:

  • Probiotic blend of eight valuable strains of gut-friendly probiotics to help promote a healthy nutritional balance of gastrointestinal bacteria for healthy normal immune function, digestion and utilisation of nutrients. 15 billion CFU  per 1.7g scoop.
  • Digestive Enzyme blend from Papaya, Pineapple and Porcine Pancreas to help break down protein, fats, fiber and carbohydrates into usable components
  • Organic Superfood and Green Food blend, including an Organic Algae blend of Spirulina and Fermented Chlorella, Organic Broccoli Sprouts and Organic Turmeric Root to provide valuable nutritional antioxidant support for cellular, detox, gut, and immune health
  • Organic Mushroom blend of highly-valued Reishi and Chaga mushrooms to help maintain your pet’s nutrition through healthy normal immune function, healthy blood flow and circulation, and a healthy liver

Why should I buy Whole Food Digestive Probiotic?

Every loving pet owner wishes for his or her pet a long, healthy life. However many wait until issues develop before taking any action.

You can reach for a pet multi-vitamin but you need to be careful of quality plus many are not designed for your pet’s specific size or age. You also need to be careful as multi-vitamins can raise your pet’s risk of a vitamin overdose.

According to Dr Karen Becker the vast majority of pets can benefit from digestive support for gut health, and immune support for overall well-being. Whether you have a;

  • New puppy or kitten and want to give them a healthy start in life 
  • Young pet with no serious health issues, and you’d like to do all you can to help keep it that way, or a 
  • Pet that may be predisposed to certain issues, and you’d like to provide an extra nutritional boost to maintain their health on an ongoing basis.

By providing basic nutrients that aren’t typically available in commercially processed pet foods, you’re taking a valuable, proactive step to support your pet’s nutritional health and overall well-being

Dr Mercola Whole Food Digestive Probiotic 102g