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Dr Mercola

Dr Mercola Immune Balance


Immune Balance for Pets by Dr Mercola combines four immune-balancing compounds of Arabinogalactan, bovine colstrum, organic moringa leaf powder and yeast fermentate, made from the best forms of these ingredients for this revolutionary approach to support your pets immunity.

This 4-in-1 product may help:

  • harmonise your pet's immune function to support an under-active immune system or to help down-regulate an overactive immune system
  • Support the body's protective functions against invaders and toxin buildup
  • boost cell, tissue, and organ repair to help slow cellular aging
  • support liver and digestive health
  • seal your pet's GI tract lining to help prevent leaky gut
  • nourish your pet's gut and help restore a healthy gut microbiome
  • promote flexibility and comfortable movement
  • provide support for environmental allergies
  • support a normal, healthy inflammatory response
  • support normal, healthy blood sugar levels
  • support cardiovascular health
  • protect against heavy metals and arsenic toxcity

Immune Balance for Pets isnt just for sick animals, health is an on-going process and support that we can provide can help your pet reap rewards later. Pet Immune Balance for Cats and Dogs will especially benefit pets who :

  • are born immuno-deficient
  • might benefit from extra inflammatory support on an on-going basis
  • are genetically compromised or disposed to certain conditions
  • are suffering from infections and who are weak and debilitated
  • will be boarded or living in a different environment
  • are coming from foster homes or shelters
  • are being treated for health conditions including immune dysfunction
  • are eating a processed, commercially prepared diet
  • are facing a stressful experience such as travel, house guests

The ingredients:

  • Arabinogalactans (from the larch tree) are a special type of digestible or soluble fiber, acting as a prebiotic which support the beneficial bacteria in your pet's gut. Once this prebiotic fiber enters the gut it begins to ferment. The fermentation process produces short-chain fatty acids that help to support colon health, protect your pet’s intestinal lining, and promote a healthy inflammatory response. 70% of your pet's immune system lives in the gut so you can see the link with gut health and immune health.
  • Bovine Colostrum with standardised IgG (180 mg/serving) from American dairy cows  which have not been fed synthetic hormones or routine antibiotics; contains important immune factors, growth hormone, and probiotics. There are many good reasons to give colostrum and these include: the balancing of immune function, supports the body's protective functions against invaders and toxin build up, helps to "seal" the GI tract lining to help prevent leaky gut to name a few.
  • Certified Organic Moringa Leaf Powder contains abundant vitamins and minerals as well as valuable antioxidants to promote a normal healthy inflammatory response, helpful for flexible and comfortable joint movement. Moringa has been included in this supplement, not just for its abundant vitamins and minerals but because it helps to promote healthy, normal blood sugar levels, helps to promote a healthy, balanced immune response, helps to support digestion and liver health as well as its isothiocynates, flavonoids and phenolic acids promote a healthy inflammatory response which is helpful for flexible and confortable joint movement.
  • Yeast Fermentate grown, harvested and manufactured in the U.S. (contains no active yeast!), increases Natural Killer (NK) cell activity and antioxidant protection within only hours of consumption. This yeast product contains no gluten, has helped very stressed and sick animals regain their health and it helps to promote a normal, healthy allergic response. In summary yeast fermenate supports digestive and gut health, promotes flexibility and comfortable movement, provides support for environmental allergies, supports coat health as well as supporting your pet's immune response.

Pet Immune Balance offers a simple option for providing ideal immune support for dogs and cats to help give your pet the gift of immune harmony and vibrant health.

Dr Mercola Immune Balance