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Bad Dog

Bad Dog Rabbit Ears With Hair 150g


Bad Dog Rabbit Ears with Hair are highly digestible and packed with protein, as a natural chew for dogs made purely from rabbit ear cartilage with the added benefit of including its natural hair attached. Their natural structure offers a semi-durable chewing experience for dogs of all sizes while offering a natural rabbit flavour aroma.

 Why the hair? The hair produces an “intestinal cleansing” within your dog's digestive system which can help aid de-worming without the use of chemicals. When your dog digests this chew, the hair is not digested immediately, Instead, it cleanses the intestinal walls. Rabbit ears are both easily digestible and favourable among dogs with food common tolerances.

  • 100%
  • High source of protein
  • Air dried
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Natural dental chew


Crude Protein 46.8%

Crude Fat 21.5%

Moisture 7%

Crude Ash 1.02%


Bad Dog Rabbit Ears With Hair 150g