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Aniforte Calm & Relaxed



Calm & Relax Powder for Dogs is made from 100% natural unprocessed ingredients. It has been specifically developed to naturally soothe and calm your pet in times of stress and anxiety.

Benefits, Composition & Feeding Recommendation

Benefits of Calm & Relax Powder for Dogs:

 Provides a calming effect during travel

✔ Especially helpful in cases of acute and chronic anxiety as well as nervous or hyperactive behaviour

✔ Relieves stress from separation anxiety, fireworks and other loud noises

✔ Contains only pure, natural and raw ingredients

✔ Just relaxes - non-sedating. Safe to use without the lethargy or personality changes associated with prescription medications


How does Calm & Relax Powder for Dogs work? 

Dogs are exposed to many different factors that can often have a negative influence on their behaviour and general mood. AniForte Calm & Relax for dogs is a blend of raw and pure herbs which helps calm your pet in times of stress, such as noisy and unfamiliar environments, post-illness recovery, medication side-effects or from the introduction of a new family member.


Ground valerian root, ground hop leaves, lemon balm leaves fines, passionflower herb fine cut

Analytical Components:

Crude protein 7.93%, crude fat 0.0%, crude fibre 6.03%, crude ash 0.0%  

Feeding Recommendation:

AniForte® Calm & Relax Powder can easily be mixed into the daily feed.

Dogs per 10 kg: 2 g daily

(1 measuring spoon = 2 g)

If your dog has chronic or acute issues, please seek the advice of a veterinarian.

Note: Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.


Aniforte Calm & Relaxed