From our own Kitchen. Handy, minced Organic Beef Offal. Feed as 10% of a DIY raw diet. Offal naturally has a very high water content so this mince is very soft and…sloppy! Compostable tub. 



 50% Organic British Beef Liver
 50% Organic British Beef Kidney



Moisture 73.8, Protein 17.6, Fat 5.73, Fibre 0.3, Ash (inorganic matter) 1.3


Store in the freezer, defrost in fridge and use within 3 days (safe to defrost, portion & refreeze). This food is NOT balanced: Feed as part of varied raw diet. Offal should represent 10% of the diet only. Aim for 80% meat / 10% bone / 10% offal. A truly balanced raw diet must be varied, so mix it up a little and feed as many different meat types as possible.

Simply Organic Beef Offal (500g)