Liver Care


90 sprinkle capsules or 120 ml liquid


●Normal liver and biliary function

●Reduces inflammation and fibrosis of liver, bile ducts and pancreas

●Can be given to sick cats to stimulate eating

●Given alongside cancer or epileptic patients to reduce toxicity of the liver from drugs

●Proven published papers, yet cost effective




●Contains a standardized extract of milk thistle along with a full complex of B-Vitamins and anti-oxidants; alpha lipoic acid and DL-Methionine to help promote normal liver function

●Palatable liquidor capsule formulation

●Palatable proven Liver and Pancreas supplement

●To provide nutritional support to enable healthy liver function

●Provides nutritional protection from liver toxins

●Supports the liver’s ability to regenerate and reduce fibrosis

●Used in conjunction with drugs known to cause liver toxicity




●Some anti-parasitic drugs

Liver Care