●Skin and Coat conditioner

●Inflammatory Diseases - includes Atopy

●Cardiovascular Disease - Heart & Kidney


●Autoimmune Disease





●High Grade, EFA Nutritional Supplement●Cold-Pressed EFA Extraction (NOT HEAT DAMAGED)●Omega-3 Fatty Acid-Fish Oil● Important building block for cells and cell membranes● Contains 540 mg EPA and 360 mg DHA per teaspoon (5 ml)●Additional Ingredients include Lecithin,Zincand Biotin●General health, skin and coat conditioning●EFA Careis designed to provide high concentrations for clinically important longchain Omega-3 fatty acids - DHA and EPA essential for:● Healthy skin function● Immune function● Inflammatory response● Anti-inflammatory Eicosanoid (PG-3)● Renal and Cardiovascular system● Many other health applicationsEFA Care

EFA Care