Benefits of Ear Mite Oil:

  Quick and safe ear mite product

  Comes with an easy-to-apply dropper-cap bottle

  Odourless oil

How does Ear Mite Oil for pets work?

AniForte Ear Mite Oil Drops is a quick and safe ear care product that removes irritating ear mites in just a few days. It comes with a dropper-cap on the bottle, making it easy to measure the correct amount of formula to apply for your pet. 


Cleaned, tasteless and odourless paraffin oil (paraffinum liquidum).


Clean your pet's outer ear with a cosmetic cotton pad. Apply Ear Mite Oil into the ear (please see dosage below) and lightly massage the ear, so the animal associates positive feelings with the treatment. If your dog shakes himself after treatment, do not add more product.

24 hours later, check for any discharge from the ear. Again, clean with cotton pad. Repeat the treatment. Then wait four days to repeat the procedure, then wait one week. After this regimen the ear mites should be gone.

Small dogs: 2-3 drops per ear

Large dogs: up to 5 drops per ear

Cats: 2-3 drops per ear

Rodents: 1-2 drops per ear

Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.


Ear Mite Treatment