Dr Mercola's Healthy Pets Digestive Enzymes improve your pets digestion and help to absorb essential nutrients contributing to your pet’s overall well-being. 

Does your pet show signs of less-than-optimal digestive health, such as occasional abdominal discomfort and gas, occasional bad breath or vomiting? OR how about less-than-optimal joint health or minor food sensitivities, lack-lustre energy and overall less-than-ideal health? You probably wouldn't suspect these issues to be connected with poor digestion, would you?

One solution to explore is to supplement with digestive enzymes to help improve your pet's digestion, absorption of nutrients and ultimately to contribute to your pet's well-being. Whether your pet is fed a raw diet, a canned or a dried kibble diet, she is likely to benefit greatly from supplemental enzymes.

Dr Mercola's Healthy Pets Digestive Enzymes is formulated for dogs 6 months and older.

Dr Mercola Digestive Enzymes