Benefits of Denta Clean & Care Anti-Plaque Powder:

✔ Can clean and care for teeth and gums

✔ Can help with bad breath and improve oral hygiene

✔ Contributes to reduced plaque and tartar formation

✔ Added peppermint gives your pet extra fresh breath

✔ Made in Germany: Developed by Our Veterinarians, Veterinary Practitioners and Biologists 

How does Denta Clean & Care Anti-Plaque Powder work?

This product consists of a high-quality mixture adapted to the daily needs of your pet. The ingredients in this product have been shown to significantly improve the oral health of dogs and cats. This is both due to reduced plaque and tartar formation and less bleeding of the gums.

The seaweed meal contained in our AniForte® Denta Clean & Care powder is also a natural source of iodine, an important mineral and responsible for the growth of the thyroid gland.

In order to increase the acceptance even more and to give your pet extra fresh breath, we have added peppermint to the product.


75% seaweed meal, cut apple pomace, finely ground parsley leaves, 5% fine particles of peppermint leaves

Analytical Components:

Crude protein 6.75%, crude fat 2.24%, crude ash 15.12%, crude fibre 10.39%, residual moisture 14.06%

Contained natively: iodine 570 mg/kg


Simply mix AniForte Denta Clean & Care Powder with the daily feed.

Dogs per 10 kg: ½ measuring spoon (1g) daily

Cats: ¼ measuring spoon (0,5g) daily

(1 measuring spoon equals 2g)

The powder can simply be mixed with the daily feed.

This product contains iodine.

Store in a cool, dry and dark place away from sunlight.

Denta Clean & Care