Raw Chicken with Lamb Offal:

  • highly nutritious
  • premium quality ingredients
  • lean chicken meat, bone and lamb offal (from the UK)
  • DEFRA approved
  • dual protein


Key benefits of Veterinary Formula Raw

  • only high quality lean meat, bone and offal used for the greatest impact on health 

  • single source animal protein makes it easier to create a diet, which helps dogs with dietary related skin issues, sensitive bowels, ear and anal sac problems and other conditions

  • no tripe to lower nutritional value and make the food harder to digest

  • no vegetables or fruits to eliminate the pesticide residues many of these contain, and the sugar that fuels yeast overgrowths



Minced chicken carcass, extra chicken meat, lamb offal 20% (heart 10%, liver and kidney 10%).



Moisture: 70.7%, Protein: 16.8%, Fat: 9.1%, Ash: 3.1%, Fibre: <0.1%


Chicken With Lamb Offal