Calming Care


50 sprinkle capsules or 120 ml liquid ideal for cats


●Salmon flavoured liquid for ease of use

●Simple sprinkle capsules for adding to food

●Nervous, anxious, stressed pets

●Newly re-homed pets / rescue pets

●Visits to kennels or car trips

●Used in combination with otherbehavioural changes to environment




●General behavioural issues

●Mild Anxiety Disorders

●Travel Anxiety

●Kennel Stays


●Multi-pet households with behaviour issues

●Feline Idiopathic Cystitis

●Separation Anxiety

●Vet Visits

●Loud Noises and Fireworks

●For FIC cats; can be used in combination with Bladder Care for rapid effect




●Combination of a potent mix of anxiolytic, calming and relaxing natural ingredients

●Promotes increased levels of neurotransmitters involved in reducing anxiety

●Highly palatable, easy to administer in liquid & capsule formulations for dogs & cats

●Does not cause sedation just calming effect

●Dose can be increased for acute use (e.g. vet visits, separation anxiety).

Calming Care