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Physiotherapy is dedicated to restoring function to an injured or diseased patient by physical methods such as massage, heat treatment and exercise. It plays a vital role in relieving pain, improving joint and muscle health and aids the rehabilitation of patients after major injury or surgery.

Physiotherapy can ease the pain of dogs with a range of problems including arthritis, sprains, strains, back pain, and performance problems as well as post-operative rehabilitation. Dogs with spinal and neurological problems can also benefit greatly from physiotherapy.

A variety of soft tissue techniques (massage), joint techniques (mobilisations and stretches), and electrotherapy treatments (LASER) are incorporated into our physiotherapy treatments as appropriate. Exercise rehabilitation is also an important part of animal physiotherapy.

During a physiotherapy consultation we will ask about your pet's current condition, daily routine, exercise level, medical history, medication, and behaviour. A full assessment of your dog’s gait and ability to move around from one position to another, assessment of joint range of movement and stability, feeling the soft tissues and joints to identify areas of heat, swelling, pain, tenderness and muscular tightness either as a result of primary injury or as a result of compensatory movements.

A treatment plan and rehabilitation programme will be formulated with referral for hydrotherapy if appropriate and a home exercise programme advised. Treatments may include manipulation and mobilisation to joints and soft tissues, laser therapy and specific exercises to improve balance, strength and range of movement. 

Our nurse Lois has completed Vet Nurse Merit Award in Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy!